What Our Client’s Say

Abbie HIGH FIVES 97 Creative for his quick turn around and patience regarding numerous updates to an SGIP Registration Page. I was sending an update after update and he continued turning around my requests without any hesitation. Thank you for making a stressful task easier to manage!

Abbie Bertolino

Client Services, SGIP Foundation

Amanda Brien sends a KUDOS to 97 Creative for spending many days working to update a client website. They collaborated on several occasions to really dig into the details and make sure the smallest inconsistencies were corrected. The client was very impressed with the result! An excellent example of empowerment, teamwork, and what the intern program is all about!


Brien, NFC

Emma Richardson HIGH FIVES 97 Creative for taking care of a whole lot of IT tickets so quickly these past two weeks! Thank you for all of your patience with the many website updates and getting them done in a very efficient manner!

Emma Richardson

Marketing Associate, NFC Forum

97 Creative is efficient and they pay close attention to detail. This is a company that has a commitment to understanding your audience and how you should market yourself through the website designs and functions. I was able to reach out anytime and ask any questions! I’m not tech-savvy and I learned a lot through the process so that I could fix things on my own.

Alex Onuha


97 Creative is one of the most effective companies I’ve dealt with. The organizational partnership kept me on top of tasks to get to my live website and the training and easy communication with him kept me on top of my updates for my website. I get messages from people just complimenting my website and it makes it all worthwhile.

Michael Satterwhite

Mayoral Candidate, Lynn, MA

97 Creative is the best way to get your online presence started. Any questions I had along the way was answered and even walked through for me and made the experience even better. I had complete peace of mind and I was left starstruck with the end result. Look no further than 97 Creative to get the job DONE!! The overall layout and accessibility it allows my clients to contact me for future business and communication!

Hugh Rodrigues

Founder & CEO, Tola Construction LLC

97 creative was able to work with me and make it happen. I especially enjoyed how patient and clear he was. I asked a lot of questions and I do talk a lot but that did not phase him he was very ready and willing to help so that I could have the best experience and be able to run my website with little to no help when the partnership ended! I am very pleased with the work of 97 Creative! 10/10 would recommend!

Garaudie Lenescat

Founder & CEO, GARAU

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