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Our strategic framework is built upon proven methods that we only started using on our clients once we felt we perfected the process. We felt it wasn’t good enough for our customers unless it was good enough to be used internally, for the marketing of our own agency. We use the same for both because we’ve tested our tactics, and then tested them again, analyzing the outcomes and documenting every step in the most detailed way so we can repeat it.

Ongoing Marketing Strategy Engagement Execution

We offer true agile market domination, and two of our most popular programs that stem from there are the Business Advantage and BA Attack. With BA, you get ongoing lead generation to help grow your company. We work with businesses of every shape and size, from all sorts of industries. With this, you won’t just get qualified leads, you’ll also get accurate reporting, cutting-edge tools, and invaluable training.

On the other hand, with BA Attack, you can plan to sell more—and sell faster. Our strategic framework and trusted system for paid media success is simply unmatched, which is why clients love these features (not to mention, it takes a hefty amount of work off your plate so you can return your attention to running the business or your internal marketing department without unnecessary stress).

Monthly Success Call: Consulting, Planning, & Reporting

We’ll provide ongoing strategy and monthly reporting of our progress so you can feel confident that things are moving forward. We’ll provide this counsel through a monthly 60-minute phone call/web meeting. We’ll also spend time helping you analyze your existing results and strategizing for each next step outside the time frames of these meetings. We’ll recap this monthly meeting with marketing performance, optimizations, strategy, recommendations, Uhuru activity review, and next steps.

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Here’s the thing about our company: We prefer long-term partnerships that are deeply rooted in trust. Before we dive right into this, we’d like to get to know you better, get a feel for your current situation, and talk about your marketing goals and expectations.

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