Website Maintenance and Support

Keeping Up with Web Updates

Just as your car requires maintenance to keep running smoothly, your website requires regular maintenance for optimal performance. Technologies used to build websites change over time. Failing to keep up with those changes can lead to unexpected problems or reduced performance in your site. We identify issues of performance, compatibility, and outdated plug-ins and information sources and optimize your website for the current state of the web.

Scheduled Maintenance Achieve Peak Performance

  • Theme & Integration Updates
  • Performance Testing
  • Security Patches
  • Full Website Backups
  • Hosting Management
  • Database Optimization
  • WordPress Core Updates
  • Website Content & Technical Changes/Updates.
  • Staging Environments
  • Website Analytics Reporting via Google Analytics
Website Maintenance and Support Services | Digital Marketing Agency
Website Maintenance Services

We offer dedicated support

Our team is dedicated to providing solutions to the challenges your website may be facing. We keep a log of all the issues we encounter and how they were resolved, so that you and your team can see what we did and why we did it. We conduct ongoing audits of your website’s performance to ensure any changes done continue to positively affect its usability. And through a 24/7 emergency monitoring system, 97 Creative can address critical failures as soon as they arise.

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